Potential Nominees for MSBA Executive Board of Directors

TO:           School Board Chairs, Superintendents of Schools, and MSBA Board of Directors   

FROM:   Becky Fles, President

      Per by-laws, the MSBA Nominating Committee will consider nominations for three (3) At-Large Director seat and four (4) Regional Director seats. All will be presented for election at the October 23 meeting of the MSBA Delegate Assembly.

     The Regional seats are: Regions I, III, V, and VIII. Please note the following restrictions apply: a) only one member on an active regular member School Board is eligible to serve on the MSBA Board of Directors; and b) no more than three officers and/or directors can be members of School Boards in any one region. Note: Individuals serving on Associate Members Boards, including CTE Regions, are ineligible to serve on the MSBA Board of Directors.

NOTE:  James Grant will no longer be on the board as of October 2021 allowing a Brunswick school board member to apply.

     DEADLINE: Names of suggested nominees, who must be from MSBA member boards, must be received at MSMA by the end of the day, July 7, 2021, to assure consideration by the Nominating Committee. Remember to indicate the seat for which the person is being suggested. Regional Directors must be from the correct Region (click link below).  A listing of the current Board of Directors is provided (click link below). Open seats are those expiring in 2021 or those indicating a vacancy. The Nominating Committee will advance a slate of nominees for consideration by the Delegate Assembly.

     After the July 7 deadline, in order to nominate a candidate, two MSBA active member boards must file the Application for Nomination - Director form (click link below) along with a copy of the minutes of the board meetings indicating a formal vote in support of that nominee. This statement of endorsement must be received at the MSMA office at least 30 days prior to the Delegate Assembly—no later than September 23. In the case of an At-Large Director nominee, the endorsement can be done by any two active member boards. In the case of a Regional Director nominee, the endorsement must be done by two active member boards in that Region.

     Anyone interested in more information on the duties of MSBA Board of Directors should contact Steven Bailey at 1-800-660-8484 or email sbailey@msmaweb.com.

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