Public Schools week will start on February 27th. MSBA’s Resolutions identify support for public education as a priority and calls on all of us to actively promote and celebrate the excellent work going on in our public schools.  

  • We must continually lobby the legislature to secure a stronger future for Maine’s economy by supporting Maine public schools. 
  • We must support innovations that assure traditional public schools remain the schools of choice.
  • We must create publicity around the excellent work going on in our districts.
  • We ask Maine School Boards to promote Maine public schools by sharing the positive stories from their districts in the press and with our state and federal leaders.

The week of February 27th provides us with the opportunity to reach out to members of Maine’s Congressional delegation as well as members of Maine’s legislature to share the outstanding work that happens every single day in our schools.  We have also provided a link to other social media resources https://www.publicschoolproud.... that can be used to celebrate public education.

We have included the contact information for our Congressional leaders and members of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee below.  

Our voice is strong, and our voice is powerful. Let’s use it to celebrate public education and the great work that you do.

Education and Cultural Affairs Committee

Maine's Congressional Leaders:

Senator Collins

Senator King

Congressman Golden

Congresswoman Pingree