L.D. 677 veto override will take away local control

There will be a vote on Monday at the Legislature to override the governor’s veto of L.D. 677 – a move that would take power and responsibility away from local School Boards and other elected officials when it comes to negotiating salaries, pensions, and insurance for public employees.

We need you to contact your local Representatives and Senators this weekend and ask them to support the governor’s veto and oppose any attempt to overturn it.

In her veto message the governor said:

“Salaries, pensions and insurance represent a significant portion of local operating budgets. Decisions regarding how to spend taxpayer dollars should remain in the hands of the citizens of Maine and their elected representative.”

Please share with your legislator this message:

Local control through locally elected School Board members is critical to protect local control of schools and the taxpayers who support them. L.D. 677 silences that local voice.

Please contact your local legislators now and ask them to vote against the veto override of L.D. 677. You can find contact information on your local legislators here: