Contact Senators Now to Oppose Binding Arbitration Bill, L.D. 677

L.D. 677 was defeated in the House this morning by one vote and is on its way to the Senate. Please contact your Senators now and ask them to vote against this bill. It would shift ultimate responsibility over employee salaries and benefits from Maine school boards, towns, state university boards, and state government to outside arbitrators who have no accountability to the people or the taxpayers.

It affects current and long-standing labor law that underscores the representatives of the voters and the taxpayers should have final say on how much public money should be spent on employee compensation, not outside arbitrators.

Ask your Senators to join House members in support of local control over school and municipal budgets and Vote No on L.D. 677. And, thank your House members for their vote against L.D. 677, or ask them to join their colleagues in opposition.

For legislator contact information click here: