Virtual Fall Conference - Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about MSMA’s Virtual Fall Conference. Please contact MSMA ( or 800-660-8484) if you have any questions about this year’s Conference or if you need assistance with the Whova website/app. 

PLEASE NOTE:  You must use Google Chrome to access Whova.

I am registered for the 2021 MSMA Fall Conference – how do I access the website and app?
An email will be sent to all registrants one week before the Conference containing a link to the site so that you can create an account and login. You can download the Whova app from the App Store/Google Play. If you have trouble locating your confirmation email, please contact

I was registered for the 2020 MSMA Fall Conference – can I use the same login information as last year?
Yes, if you attended the 2020 Virtual MSMA Fall Conference and your email address has not changed, you can login with your password from last year. An email will be sent to all registrants the week of the Conference containing a link to the site. If you forgot your password from last year, please click the “forgot my password” link and an email will be sent to you to reset your password. If you have trouble locating your confirmation email, or logging in, please contact

What platform is MSMA using for the Virtual Conference?
We have partnered with
Whova to be able to hold our Conference virtually this year! Click here for the Whova Attendee User Guide. Additional information regarding how you can access the site/app will be sent to you the week before the Conference.

What email address should I use to login?
Please use the email address that the registration confirmation email was sent to. If you have trouble locating the email or aren’t sure what email was used, please contact

I Got Locked Out of My Account
If you enter the incorrect password too many times, Whova will “lock” your account. To get your account unlocked, please contact:

What browser should I use to view the speakers/clinic sessions?
Google Chrome
is the recommended browser to use for Whova/Zoom. 

I can't hear the live clinic presenters - what should I do?
​If you can't hear the live clinic presenters, via the Whova website, please close the browser window and open up the Conference link again - please make sure you are using Google Chrome. If you are having audio issues via the Whova app, please close the app and then open it back up again. Check your volume settings to make sure the audio is not on mute/too low to hear.

Why do I need to download the app if all of the materials are located on the website?
The website and app do mirror each other, however, most attendees use their smartphone/tablet to participate in the online games (for door prizes) and the community board. We recommend downloading the app to enhance your Conference experience.

I need technical support during the Conference – where do I go for additional help?
MSMA staff is available to assist you before and during the Conference. You can contact MSMA staff at or 800-660-8484 and we can help you with all of your questions.

Will the clinic sessions be live or pre-recorded?
At this year’s Conference, all clinic sessions will be live. The clinics will be recorded so that attendees can view the video at a later time – please note, it may take up to 24 hours to get the recordings of the live sessions posted on Whova. The Conference website/app will be available to attendees through November 19th - giving you the opportunity to watch every clinic if you choose.

How do I view the live sessions throughout the Conference?
To view the live session(s) during the Conference – go to the Agenda and click on the agenda item that you would like to view. For a live stream session, click on the “live stream” button. Please note, live sessions will become available at their scheduled time. Once the recordings of the live sessions have been made posted (i.e. please note it may take up to 24 hours to get the recording links posted), all will be available on the site for viewing at a later time.

Will attendees be able to interact with the presenters?
Yes, interaction with the presenters is still a major component of this year’s Conference. Attendees will be able to interact with the presenter(s) through the Session Q&A and Chat. The presenter(s) will be available during their scheduled clinic time to answer any questions/comments you may have – if you have a question you would like to ask the presenter(s), please type the question in the Session Q&A box and click submit. Presenter(s) will do their best to answer any/all questions submitted during their scheduled clinic time. Please note that the recordings of the live clinic session will be available for viewing after the clinics have ended (typically within 24 hours), however, the presenter(s) will not be monitoring the Q&A and Chat sessions after their scheduled time slot.

What is the difference between the Session Q&A and the Chat?
Session Q&A - If you have questions for the presenter(s) during their clinic, please type your question in the Session Q&A box and click submit - the presenter(s) will be answering questions during the last 10-15 minutes of the session. Chat - If you have a comment that you would like to make, or would like to “chat” with other attendees during the session, please type your comments into the Chat and click submit. 

Technical issues during a live stream session
While MSMA hopes there won’t be technical glitches during the Conference, unfortunately, they do occasionally happen. If one of our live streams experiences technical difficulties we will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If we are unable to quickly fix the issue, please join one of the other clinics taking place during that session. We will post the recording of the live stream as soon as possible so that attendees can view it at another time. We will let everyone know when the recording is available with a post on the Community Board.

Clinic handouts
Some presenters/speakers will have handouts available that you can download. To access the handouts, select the clinic that you are interested in (on the Agenda) and scroll to the bottom of the page. If handouts are available for that individual clinic, the handouts will be listed at the bottom of the page and can be accessed via the “download” button.

How do I communicate/network with other attendees?
Networking is a very important aspect of the MSMA Fall Conference! To connect with other attendees, click on the “Attendees” tab and either search or scroll to find the attendee you are looking for. You can send them a private message or view their profile for additional information. You can also network via the Community Board – join discussions in the topic conversation, use the virtual meetup to schedule a brief meeting, or post an article that may be of interest to other attendees.

How do I communicate/network with speakers/presenters?
Via the Agenda – click on the session you are interested in. All presenters will be listed. Click “send message” underneath their name. Enter your message and press “send”. The process is the same on the app.
Via the Message Tab on Desktop – “click Messages” on the right hand side of the screen  – search by name, click on name, enter message and click “send”.
Via the Message Tab on App – on the Home screen click on “Speakers”, scroll to find the name or use the search button, select name, click the “message envelope” at the top, type your message, click “send.”

How do I sign up for door prizes?
As in years past, we have some great door prizes this year! To sign up for door prizes, visit the individual exhibitor booths on Thursday, October 28th (via the exhibitor tab on the website/app) and enter their giveaways/raffles. While you are visiting each booth, make sure to watch their promotional videos, chat with the exhibitor staff, or meet up with them via a Zoom. The exhibitors are looking forward to answering all of your questions regarding their products!

Will attendees receive contact hours for participating in this year’s Conference?
Yes, all attendees will receive contact hours for their participation in this year’s Conference. The contact hours will be emailed to all attendees post Conference.

How do we submit recommendations for future Conferences? Will there be a Conference Evaluation this year?
A link to an Evaluation will be emailed to all attendees post Conference. As in year’s past, we welcome any and all suggestions regarding the Conference. Evaluations are used for planning future meetings and we welcome any suggestions you have so that we can continue to improve our upcoming events.