Risk Management


MSMA’s Property & Casualty Insurance Trust, in partnership with TargetSolutions, is proud to announce the launch of its NEW online training and records management platform FREE to Maine school systems who are current members of the Trusts!

Each member will receive its own personalized website that will allow you to train and manage staff easier than ever before. With courses ranging from Sexual Harassment Awareness and Workplace Ethics to School Bullying and Playground Safety – there is something for everyone.

If you wish to register for an online webinar or more information please contact Dylan Chase at (207) 622-3473, or via email at dchase@msmaweb.comRemember, this service is provided at no charge to your district – so why wait!




Alliant Risk Control Training Series – 2023-24 Calendar

MSMA P&C members have access to the MSMA Risk Control Solution Center at no additional cost by calling 888-737-4752 between normal business hours Monday through Friday.

If you prefer, email or fax your questions to the Solution Center:

Email: riskcontrol@alliant.com
Fax: (949) 809-1466

Once the nature of the issue is understood, your call will be routed to the appropriate loss control consultant for advice and guidance. The consultant will also research issues on an as-needed basis.

As a member of the MSMA P&C Trust, you are encouraged to contact the Center with your questions relating to areas that include, but are not limited to:

Field Trips and Special Event Risks

Electrical Safety

Building Security Planning

Life Safety

Crisis Management

OSHA (Federal)

Food Allergies, Picnics, Barbeques, and Food Safety

Mold, Rust, Rot

Bleacher Safety and Inspection

ADA Requirements

School Search and Seizure Policies

Flood/Water Incursion

Indoor Air Quality

Disaster Planning and Recovery

District-wide Vehicle Programs

Site Security

Aquatic Activities

Theft Protection

Fire Detection, Protection, and Prevention

Windstorm Issue