Property & Liability

The MSMA Property and Casualty Insurance Trust understands the importance of providing comprehensive insurance solutions for the unique risk management challenges Maine school systems face as a public educational entity. It is our commitment to be the best risk management and insurance solution for Maine schools offering the best coverage for schools at competitive rates.

The program provides a wide range of protection from loss by a member including:

  • Property

  • General Liability

  • Automobile Liability

  • School Board Legal Liability

  • Boiler and Machinery

  • Crime

  • Cyber Liability/Ransomware

  • Active Shooter

MSMA’s Property & Casualty Trust’s team is dedicated to providing its members with outstanding service to meet your insurance needs. The Trust is a for-member agency not a for-profit agencyWe exist solely to serve our members and continually strive to offer the best value at the best price.

Benefits of being a trust member

  • MSMA Property & Casualty Trust Service Team is our greatest asset—qualified and courteous professionals who are committed to delivering the very best services to our members.

  • The Trust was designed by its members—all public educational entities—and is for its members. Our governing body is a Board of Trustees made up of three superintendents, one board member, and three business managers.

  • Our insurance programs are fully funded, meaning that the dollars saved in the pool are reinvested without the risk of assessment.

  • The Trust’s healthy financial position allows for it to offset premium increases even as enhancements are added to protect Maine schools.

  • Trust programs are designed to provide the most comprehensive coverage specifically for public schools in Maine.

  • Rather than rely on any one program or service provider, we opt instead for “best in class” providers and partners who specialize in only serving public entities.

  • Helping schools minimize risk is the hallmark of our program and keeps costs down while providing substantially broader coverages to members.

Other Services

  • Target Solutions Online Management Program and Training

  • Property/Liability Loss Control Audit Summary

  • Trust Sponsored Workshops

  • Monthly Web-based Loss Control Seminar(s)

  • MSMA Risk Control Solution Center

  • Property Site Appraisal/Valuations

  • Laptop Coverage

  • Special Event Liability Insurance

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance

  • Student Accident/Athletic Insurance

  • E2E Easy To Earn Premium Incentive Program

  • Beazley Breach Solutions risk management portal where members will learn the first steps in being compromise-ready