MSMA has an extensive collection of sample policies and procedures it has developed to assist boards and superintendents in complying with Maine and federal laws and regulations and to address issues that frequently arise in local school units. The collection also includes bylaws/board governance and operations policies that are essential to effective Board work. Through our affiliation with state school boards associations in other states, MSMA can provide sample policies from other sources when an issue is not addressed in our own current collection.

MSMA will fulfill online policy requests made by board chairs, policy committee chairs, board members, superintendents, assistant superintendents, superintendents’ secretaries/administrative assistants, and directors of special services. Principals and other school personnel seeking sample policies should refer their requests to their superintendent’s office rather than directly to MSMA. MSMA sample policies will be sent as email attachments in Microsoft Word so that they may be modified as needed to reflect local conditions and board decisions.

Board members and superintendents are also welcome to consult with MSMA’s Policy Services staff on any policy issue or aspect of policy development, review or revision.

MSMA reminds board members and superintendents that particular attention should be given to the language of “required” policies. Because MSMA’s sample “required” policies have been developed specifically to assist boards in complying with federal and state laws and regulations, they should be read carefully and discussed thoroughly. Any substantive changes proposed by the board should be reviewed by the board’s own legal counsel prior to adoption.

MSMA sample policies are not intended for verbatim replication. Sample policies should be regarded as a starting point for board policy development on specific topics. MSMA recommends a careful analysis of the need and purpose of any policy and a thorough consideration of application and suitability to the individual school system of any sample policy language.

MSMA sample policies and other resource materials may not be considered as legal advice and are not intended as a substitute for the advice of a board’s own legal counsel.

To request required policies please email Charlotte Bates, Director of Policy and Research Services.