What is required to be a member of MSMA’s Property & Casualty Trust? A school system must be a MSMA member in good standing. To learn more contact Anita Folckemer at (207) 626-5445 or by email at afolckemer@msmaweb.com.

What is an exclusion? A provision of an insurance policy referring to hazards, perils, circumstances, or property not covered by the policy. Exclusions are usually contained in the coverage form or causes of loss form used to construct the insurance policy. MSMA P&C Trust has seven exclusions, minimal in comparison to the traditional insurance form.

Who is covered?

The named member, any present or former trustee, elected or appointed member of the School Board, or administrator.

  • Any employee, volunteer worker (whether paid or not), student teacher or teaching assistant (each while acting within the scope of his or her duties, or while acting at the direction of, or performing services for, or on behalf of, the member.

  • Students while acting solely within the scope of their duties to provide services to third parties, but only while completing course work required by the Named Member; and the Named Member’s students while serving in a supervised internship as part of their educational program, but only while completing course work required by the Named Member.

  • Any person for the use of an Automobile owned, rented, leased, borrowed, or hired, by a Named Member with its permission.

What is the policy period? July 1 through June 30 of each year.

What is my deductible/limit? All members of the Trust have the same limits. Deductible options are available for property and liability lines of coverage. Crime and boiler and machinery are $1,000. School board legal liability deductibles vary per member. To confirm deductibles and limits per line of coverage, contact Anita Folckemer at (207) 626-5445 or by email afolckemer@msmaweb.com.

How do I file a claim? Claims are reported by completing a “First Report” and filing with the P&C Trust’s Third Party Administrator, Sedgwick by email 7920MSMA@sedgwick.com.

Risk Management/Risk Control – What is it? MSMA P&C Trust offers an effective and convenient training platform available FREE to its members through MSMA’s partner TargetSolutions.

An effective Risk Control and Risk Management program aids in reducing the frequency or severity of potential losses, thus keeping program costs down. It recommends measures to ensure a safe work place, provides safety training for employees, and assesses appropriate risk control measures to protect employees, students and school’s assets.

How do I add/remove coverage for building/vehicle? To remove and/or add a vehicle(s) provide the four following items to the P&C Trust.

  • Year, Make, and Model,

  • Vehicle Identification Number,

  • Seating Capacity, and

  • Value to replace.

To remove and/or add a building please provide the following:

  • Name of the building,

  • Address, City, State, and Zip,

  • Date of Sale, and

  • A copy of the board minutes approving the sale.