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Bill categories:  Administration; Charter Schools; Construction; Curriculum; Funding; Negotiations; School Boards; School Safety; Special Education; and Teachers.

L.D. 1326—An Act to Increase School Security Through Design and Protocol - School Safety

L.D. 1322—An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Remote Participation

L.D. 1315—An Act to Require Instruction in Schools on Substance Abuse Prevention and Administration of Naloxone Hydrochloride - Curriculum

L.D. 1314—An Act to Establish a Minimum Salary for Educational Specialists, Educational Technicians and School Teaching Professionals - Teachers

L.D. 1309—An Act to Clarify Requirements for Payment of Tuition for Children with Disabilities by the Department of Education's Child Development Services System

L.D. 1300—An Act to Give the Governing Board of a Municipality Input into the Budget Developed by a School Board - School Boards

L.D. 1297—An Act to Notify School Boards and Select Boards That Lobbying Associations Are Not Governmental Agencies - School Boards

L.D. 1291—An Act to Establish a Grant Program to Provide for Statewide and Equitable Access to Experiential Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education

L.D. 1284—An Act to Require Personal Finance to be Taught as a Separate Course to Obtain a High School Diploma - Curriculum

L.D. 1283—Resolve, to Reestablish the Task Force to Study the Creation of a Comprehensive Career and Technical Education System

L.D. 1263—An Act to Require School Identification Cards to Include the Telephone Number of a Suicide Prevention Hotline

L.D. 1260—Resolve, to Study Expansion of Civics Education and Engagement Through the Secretary of State - Curriculum

L.D. 1255—An Act to Improve the Security of Voting Places - School Safety

L.D. 1239—An Act to Make General Election Day a State Holiday and to Allow Certain Employees an Opportunity to Vote

L.D. 1237—An Act to Establish a Minimum Hourly Wage for School Support Staff - Teachers

L.D. 1230—Resolve, Directing the Maine Public Employees Retirement System to Study the Creation of an Interstate Compact Concerning the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset

L.D. 1217—Resolve, to Create a Pilot Program for Alternative Teacher Certification - Teachers

L.D. 1209—An Act to Reinstate the Religious and Philosophical Vaccine Exemptions for Private Schools and Virtual Public Charter Schools - Charter Schools

L.D. 1208—An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Time Estimates for Responding to Public Records Requests

L.D. 1203—An Act to Clarify Deadlines in the Freedom of Access Act and Disclosure Provisions in the Intelligence and Investigative Record Information Act

L.D. 1199—An Act to Provide Transparency in Public School Curricula - Curriculum

L.D. 1196—An Act to Require Public Schools to Allow Parents and Guardians to Opt Out Their Children with Respect to Portions of the Curriculum - Curriculum

L.D. 1190—An Act to Ensure a Fair Workweek by Requiring Notice of Work Schedules

L.D. 1185—An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue to Recapitalize the School Revolving Renovation Fund - Funding; Construction

L.D. 1183—An Act to Establish the School Meal Equipment and Program Improvement Fund - Funding

L.D. 1181—An Act to Allow for the Recall of an Elected Municipal Official for Any Reason - Board Members

L.D. 1164—An Act to Continue the Department of Education Diploma Program Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

L.D. 1160—Resolve, Directing the Department of Education to Conduct a Study on the Equity of the State Education Subsidy Formula - Funding

L.D. 1158—An Act to Recognize the Critical Nature of Workforce Development Through Career and Technical Education by Establishing an Adjustment for Career and Technical Education Centers in the School Funding Formula - Funding

L.D. 1152—An Act to Make Long-term Disability Insurance Coverage Available to Public Employees

L.D. 1144—An Act to Ban Monitoring Software Targeting Maine Students

L.D. 1129—An Act to Enact the Curriculum Transparency Act - Curriculum

L.D. 1128—An Act to Address Student Hunger and Nutrition Through Expanded Access to Free Milk in Schools

L.D. 1113—An Act to Require Transparency Regarding School Construction Spending - Construction; Funding

L.D. 1106—An Act to Improve the Transition to Adult Services for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

L.D. 1102—An Act to Authorize a Recall Election for a School Board Member - School Boards

L.D. 1098—An Act to Restore Religious and Philosophical Exemptions Regarding Immunization Requirements -Charter Schools

L.D. 1096—An Act to Help Retired Teachers and State Employees Keep Pace with Inflation by Matching the Cost-of-living Adjustment for Social Security Benefits - Teachers

L.D. 1095—An Act to Amend the Laws Regarding Public Sector Bargaining in Public Schools by Providing an Exemption to the Time Limit on Negotiations - Negotiations

L.D. 1094—An Act Regarding the Allocation of Funds Awarded to Maine Due to the Opioid Settlement - Funding

L.D. 1089—An Act Regarding the Authorization of Public Charter Schools - Charter Schools

L.D. 1084—An Act to Enhance Wildlife Conservation Efforts and Preserve Sporting Heritage by Making the Elements of a Hunter Safety Course a Part of Public School Curriculum - Curriculum

L.D. 1076—An Act to Expand the Use of Traffic Cameras for School and Work Zones

L.D. 1064—An Act to Increase the Minimum Teacher Salary - Teachers

L.D. 1057—An Act to Promote Consumer Protections in the Residential Building Sector by Requiring Contractors and Subcontractors to Supply Evidence of Insurance - Construction

L.D. 1053—An Act to Allow School Activity Buses for Public Schools

L.D. 1042—An Act to Update Youth Sports Concussion and Injury Prevention Protocols

L.D. 1033—An Act Regarding the Issuing of Diplomas for Students at the Long Creek Youth Development Center

L.D. 1030—An Act Relating to Requirements for School Bus Drivers

L.D. 1022—An Act to Allow School Budget Referenda on the Same Day as Primary Elections

L.D. 1020—Resolve, Directing the Department of Education to Update Course Requirements for Certification of Industrial Arts Teachers and to Finally Adopt Major Substantive Rules

L.D. 1018—An Act to Increase the Membership of the State Board of Education and Review the Board's Responsibilities, Functions and Staffing

L.D. 1010—An Act to Provide Tax Relief for Working Families

L.D. 1009—An Act Regarding the Reduction and Recycling of Food Waste

L.D. 1008—An Act to Establish a Rating System for Books in School Libraries

L.D. 1002—An Act to Require a Lunch Period of at Least 30 Minutes for Students and Reduce Food Waste

L.D. 999—An Act to Support Family Caregivers by Expanding Family Medical Leave

L.D. 998—An Act to Remove the Cost-of-living Adjustment from the Minimum Wage Laws

L.D. 997—Resolve, to Reduce Workforce Barriers for Mental Health Professionals in Maine

L.D. 992—An Act to Create a Fund for the Abatement and Disposal of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in School Construction Projects - Construction

L.D. 974—An Act to Establish Minimum Pay for Educational Technicians and Other School Support Staff

L.D. 961—An Act Regarding the Right to Request Flexible Working Arrangements for Employees

L.D. 957—An Act Requiring Water Bottle Filling Stations in New and Renovated Public Schools

L.D. 955—An Act to Address Shortages of School Support Staff by Increasing the Minimum Hourly Wage for Those Staff

L.D. 951—An Act to Amend the State Education Funding Formula to Create Equity Between Municipalities by Adding Median Income to the Formula - Funding

L.D. 949—An Act to Protect Workers from Employer Surveillance

L.D. 948—An Act to Create a Liaison Position Between the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services on Early Childhood Education Matters

L.D. 947—An Act to Support the Distribution of Free Summer Lunches for Children and to Create a Program to Distribute Leftover School Food Within Communities

L.D. 936—An Act to Require Disclosure of Pay Ranges and Record Keeping of Pay History

L.D. 930—An Act to Allow Only Students of Female Gender to Participate in Women's and Girls' Scholastic Sports

L.D. 921—An Act to Allow the Local Foods Fund for Public Schools to Be Used for Processed and Value-added Maine Food Products - Funding

L.D. 918—An Act to Decrease the Minimum Age to Operate a School Bus

L.D. 892—An Act to Improve School Safety and Preparedness Through Comprehensive Health and Safety and Emergency Management Planning - School Safety

L.D. 889—An Act to Better Support the Educational Attainment of Low and Moderate-income Communities by Providing Additional Funding to Certain School Administrative Units - Funding

L.D. 873—An Act to Continue the Department of Education Diploma Program Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic - Curriculum

L.D. 870—An Act to Strengthen Freedom of Speech Protections by Extending Laws Against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation

L.D. 869—An Act to Protect Education Access by Prohibiting a Mandate for Schoolchildren for a COVID-19 Vaccine or a Vaccine Under an Emergency Use Authorization

L.D. 867—An Act Regarding Undesignated Ready-to-use Glucagon Rescue Therapies in Schools - Teachers

L.D. 863—An Act to Require an Analysis Prior to the Start of State-funded Building Construction over $1,000,000

L.D. 855—An Act to Provide That the Minimum Wage Increases by the Rolling Average of the Cost of Living of the Previous 3 Years

L.D. 837—An Act to Ensure College Credit Classes Taken in Secondary School Are Credited at the University Level

L.D. 829—An Act to Improve Behavioral Health Support for Students in Public Schools

L.D. 827—An Act to Allow Employees to Request Flexible Work Schedules

L.D. 809—An Act to Allow Regional School Units with School Choice to Opt Out of School Choice

L.D. 808—An Act to Amend Laws Affecting Tuition at State-approved Schools - Funding

L.D. 753—An Act to Allow Retired Teachers and Educational Technicians to Be Recertified - Teachers

L.D. 741—An Act to Prohibit Training Repayment Agreements by Employers

L.D. 738—An Act to Establish a Paid Family and Medical Leave System

L.D. 733—An Act to Require an Annual Itemized Statement of Benefits for Public Employees and Retirees - Teachers; Administrators

L.D. 730—An Act to Provide Traffic Safety Education in Schools - Curriculum

L.D. 725—An Act to Add an Adult Education Pathway to a High School Diploma

L.D. 717—An Act to Adopt the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact

L.D. 712—An Act to Extend or Waive Requirements for Certain Teaching Certificates - Teachers

L.D. 707—An Act to Update the Maine Human Rights Act with Respect to Gender Identity

L.D. 703—An Act to Clarify the Requirements Regarding Fingerprinting Law Enforcement Officers in Schools - School Safety

L.D. 697—Resolve, to Study the Effects of 5G Technology on Bird, Bee and Insect Populations and the Effects of Long-term Exposure on Children

L.D. 684—An Act to Implement Pilot Programs with Publicly Funded Day Care and Early Childhood Education

L.D. 678—An Act to Require Parental Approval for Public School Employees to Use a Name or Pronoun Other than a Child's Given Name or Pronoun Corresponding to the Gender on the Child's Birth Certificate - Teachers; Administrators

L.D. 670—An Act to Protect Birds and Wildlife in the Construction and Maintenance of Public Buildings - School Construction

L.D. 669—An Act to Create the Public Art Fund

L.D. 668—An Act to Protect Maine Taxpayers by Requiring a Person to Be a United States Citizen to Receive General Assistance Benefits and to Ensure Municipal Compliance with Federal Immigration Laws - Funding

L.D. 667—An Act to Impose a Tax Surcharge on Certain Incomes - Funding

L.D. 635—An Act to Allow a Retired Law Enforcement Officer to Serve as a School Resource Officer Without Affecting That Officer's Retirement Benefits

L.D. 631—An Act to Change the Notification Law for School Truancy - Administration

L.D. 618—An Act to Eliminate Critical Race Theory, Social and Emotional Learning and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from School Curricula - Curriculum

L.D. 617—An Act to Foster Career and Technical Education in Maine Schools by Creating an Additional Pathway to Certify Industrial Arts Teachers - Teachers

L.D. 571—An Act to Develop Maine's Entry-level Workforce

L.D. 570—Resolve, to Provide Information to Maine's School Administrators and Maine Communities About the Financial Advantages of Modern Wood Heating

L.D. 559—An Act to Increase the Number of Hours Certain Minor Students May Work Under Certain Circumstances

L.D. 551—An Act to Strengthen Maine Citizens' Second Amendment Rights by Allowing the Discharge of Firearms on Private Property That Is Within 500 Feet of School Property in Certain Circumstances - School Safety

L.D. 519—Resolve, to Conduct a Vehicle-to-grid Pilot Project Using Electric School Buses

L.D. 518—An Act to Allow Armed Security in Schools - School Safety

L.D. 515—An Act to Require School Board Approval of Superintendent Rules and Administrative Procedures - School Boards; Administration

L.D. 513—An Act Regarding Overtime Protections for Certain Maine Workers

L.D. 489—An Act to Provide Equal Educational Opportunity by Adopting Rules Ensuring Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Protected Class Status in Educational Institutions

L.D. 485—Resolve, to Amend the Rules Regarding Athletic Director Qualifications

L.D. 477—Resolve, Directing the Department of Education, Maine School Safety Center to Convene a Stakeholder Group to Develop Best Practices for Lockdown Drills and Allowing Parents to Opt Out of Lockdown Drills for Their Children - School Safety

L.D. 474—An Act to Improve Collaboration Between Mandatory Reporters and Law Enforcement in the Investigation of Alleged Child Abuse and Neglect

L.D. 436—An Act to Provide Career and Technical Education Students with Credit Toward High School Graduation for Work Completed in Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions - Curriculum

L.D. 405—An Act to Prevent False Reporting Leading to Evacuation, Shutdown or Lockdown

L.D. 397—An Act to Allow Sponsorship Signs at Outdoor Athletic Facilities

L.D. 394—Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 117: Rule Regarding the Duties of School Counselors and School Social Workers, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education

L.D. 393—Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 33: Rules Governing Physical Restraint and Seclusion, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education

L.D. 386—An Act to Assist Schools with Heating and Transportation Fuel Costs During the School Year - School Funding

L.D. 385—Resolve, Directing the Department of Education to Examine Alternative Metrics for Determining the Disadvantaged Student Factor in the School Funding Formula - School Funding

L.D. 381—An Act to Increase School Bus Safety by Requiring Monitors - School Safety

L.D. 373—An Act to Improve Labor Conditions for Maine Workers

L.D. 372—An Act to Increase Enforcement and Accountability for Wage and Hour Violations

L.D. 348—An Act to Make Menstrual Products Available in Certain Schools

L.D. 345—An Act Regarding Educational Policies and Programs

L.D. 343—An Act to Invest in an Educational Technician Training Program to Address Shortages in Public Schools

L.D. 338—An Act to Allow Education Funding to Follow the Student - Funding; Charter Schools

L.D. 335—An Act to Improve Educator Certification Response Times - Administration; Teachers

L.D. 324—An Act to Prevent the Wrongful Firing of Maine Workers

L.D. 322—An Act to Improve the Unemployment Insurance System

L.D. 317—An Act Regarding Safe Schools - School Safety

L.D. 301—An Act to Exempt Employers from Providing Earned Paid Leave for Certain Employees

L.D. 293—An Act to Revise the School Funding Formula - Funding

L.D. 280—An Act to Make Maine Schools Safer and Healthier by Increasing the Maximum Debt Service Limit - Funding; School Safety

L.D. 257—An Act to Provide for a Later Starting Time for High Schools

L.D. 254—An Act to Update the Sex Education and Consent Curriculum - Curriculum

L.D. 253—An Act to Add Health and Physical Education Requirements to High School Diploma Standards - Curriculum

L.D. 241—An Act to Reform Education

L.D. 222—An Act to Require Students to Demonstrate Knowledge of the Constitution of Maine and the United States Constitution - Curriculum

L.D. 204—An Act to Ensure Safe Access to Schools by Implementing Interlocking Door Controller Technology - School Safety

L.D. 193—An Act to Provide Excess General Fund Revenue to the School Revolving Renovation Fund and the Education Stabilization Fund - Funding

L.D. 185—An Act to Reduce the Benefit Penalty Imposed on Career Educators Who Retire After 35 Years of Service - Administration; Teachers

L.D. 156—An Act to Require Outdoor Recess Time for Students from Grade 6 to Grade 8

L.D. 154—An Act Regarding Special Education Funding for So-called Minimum Receiver School Administration Units - Special Education; Funding

L.D. 123—An Act to Eliminate the Educational Purposes Exception to the Prohibition on the Dissemination of Obscene Matter to Minors

L.D. 112—An Act to Increase the State's Share of Retired Teacher Health Insurance - Teachers

L.D. 111—An Act Requiring the State to Pay a Share of a Retired State Employee's or Retired Teacher's Premium for Medicare Part B Under Medicare Advantage - Teachers

L.D. 100—An Act to Require an Annual Financial Audit of a Private School Approved for Tuition Purposes

L.D. 98—An Act to Update the Special Education Laws - Special Education

L.D. 79—An Act to Ensure a High-quality Education for Students with Disabilities by Clarifying the Definition of "State Agency Client" and Who Provides Special Education Programs and Services - Special Education

L.D. 70—An Act to Eliminate the Cap on Retirement Benefits for State Employees and Teachers to Which a Cost-of-living Adjustment Is Made - Teachers

L.D. 67—An Act to Increase the Number of Educational Professionals by Accepting Out-of-state Certification - Administrators; Teachers

L.D. 62—An Act to Require Antipinch Sensors on School Bus Doors - School Safety

L.D. 59—An Act to Prohibit Inclusion of the COVID-19 Vaccine in the Universal Childhood Immunization Program

L.D. 52—An Act to Allow Certain School Employees to Carry Firearms on School Property - School Safety

L.D. 51—An Act to Restore Religious and Philosophical Exemptions to Immunization Requirements

L.D. 33—An Act to Expand Access to Career and Technical Education Opportunities for Middle School Students - Curriculum