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Bill categories:  Administration; Charter Schools; Construction; Curriculum; Funding; Negotiations; School Boards; School Safety; Special Education; and Teachers.

L.D. 1990—An Act Allowing Electric-powered School Buses To Have Distinctively Colored Bumpers, Wheels and Rub Rails

L.D. 1971—An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Remote Participation

L.D. 1963—An Act To Create the General Purpose Aid Stabilization Fund - Funding

L.D. 1962—An Act To Increase Learning Potential by Providing High-impact Tutoring Grants

L.D. 1939—An Act To Protect School Administration Officials from Harassment and Abuse - Administration; Teachers

L.D. 1935—Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 60: New School Siting Approval, Portions of Chapter 61: State Board of Education Rules for Major Capital School Construction Projects and Portions of Chapter 125: Basic School Approval Standards: Public Schools and School Administrative Units, Major Substantive Rules of the Department of Education, State Board of Education - Construction

L.D. 1933—Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 115: The Credentialing of Education Personnel, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education, State Board of Education - Administration; Teachers

L.D. 1932—Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 132: Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education - Curriculum

L.D. 1931—Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 40: Rule for Medication Administration in Maine Schools, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education

L.D. 1922—An Act To Amend Certain Laws Pertaining to the Maine Public Employees Retirement System - Teachers

L.D. 1902—Resolve, To Establish a Pilot Program To Encourage Climate Education in Maine Public Schools - Teachers; Funding

L.D. 1901—An Act To Protect Funding for Health Care for Retired Teachers by Establishing an Investment Trust Fund - Teachers

L.D. 1880—An Act To Provide Textbook Cost Assistance for High School Students Enrolled in Early College Courses - Curriculum; Funding

L.D. 1874—An Act To Clarify COVID-19 Paid Leave for School Employees - Teachers; Administration

L.D. 1870—An Act Regarding the Maine School Safety Center - School Safety

L.D. 1861—An Act To Establish the Safe Homes Program

L.D. 1845—An Act To Amend the Education Statutes - Curriculum; Funding

L.D. 1823—An Act To Amend the Enforcement Provisions of the Law Governing Earned Paid Leave

L.D. 1802—An Act To Amend the Requirements of the Reorganization Plan for the Formation of Regional School Units

L.D. 1795—An Act To Update Statutory References to Building Code Standards for Public Improvements

L.D. 1789—An Act To Modernize Funding of Publicly Funded Tuition Students Attending Career and Technical Education Programs

L.D. 1786—An Act To Maintain Consistency among Maine's Nondiscrimination Statutes

L.D. 1780—An Act To Allow Unorganized Territory School Staff To Receive Annualized Pay

L.D. 1777—An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Education Service Centers

L.D. 1775—Resolve, Regarding MaineCare Funding for Maine Schools - Funding

L.D. 1772—An Act To Amend the Remote Meeting Law in Maine's Freedom of Access Act

L.D. 1769—An Act To Align the Child and Family Services and Child Protection Act with Federal Law

L.D. 1716—An Act To Ensure Full Payment of the State's Salary Supplement Obligation to Teachers with National Board Certification - Funding

L.D. 1693—An Act To Advance Health Equity, Improve the Well-being of All Maine People and Create a Health Trust

L.D. 1679—An Act To Address Student Hunger through Expanding Access to Free School Meals

L.D. 1652—An Act To Build a Child Care System by Recruiting and Retaining Maine's Early Childhood Educators Workforce - Funding

L.D. 1632—An Act To Update the Laws Regarding the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf

L.D. 1579—An Act To Transition State and Local Motor Vehicle Fleets to 100 Percent Zero-emission Vehicles

L.D. 1509—An Act To Provide That Maine's School Bus Drivers Are Eligible for Unemployment Insurance in Certain Circumstances

L.D. 1502—An Act To Clarify Safety Issues in Schools with Respect to Health-related States of Emergency - School Safety; School Boards

L.D. 1501—An Act To Protect Oral Health for Children in Maine

L.D. 1429—An Act To Implement the Most Time-sensitive Recommendations of the Maine Climate Council

L.D. 1413—An Act To Provide Equity in the State Income Tax Deduction for Certain Public Employees Retirement System Pensions

L.D. 1389—An Act To Improve Maritime Education in Maine - Charter Schools; Funding

L.D. 1383—An Act To Limit Homework in Public Schools - School Boards

L.D. 1235—An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Connect Maine with a World-class Internet Infrastructure

L.D. 1227—An Act To Provide Equity in the State Income Tax Deduction for Certain Public Employees Retirement System Pensions

L.D. 1207—An Act To Maintain the Current Level of Education Funding - Funding

L.D. 1114—An Act To Require the State To Meet the Mandatory 55 Percent Contribution to Schools - Funding

L.D. 1107—An Act To Create Needed Broadband Infrastructure in Rural Maine through the Establishment of a Satellite-based Broadband Grant Program

L.D. 982—An Act To Protect against Discrimination by Public Entities

L.D. 979—An Act To Expand Maine's School-based Health Centers

L.D. 965—An Act Concerning Nondisclosure Agreements in Employment

L.D. 912—An Act To Extend Family Medical Leave to Hourly School Employees

L.D. 896—An Act Concerning Mental Health in Public Schools

L.D. 775—An Act To Include within the Definitions of "Public Employee" and "Judicial Employee" Those Who Have Been Employed for Less Than 6 Months

L.D. 773—An Act To Assist Public School Students and Families Who Are Homeless

L.D. 734—An Act To Set a Minimum Wage for School Support Staff

L.D. 703—An Act To Increase the Amount to Which a State Employee or Teacher Retiree's Cost-of-living Adjustment Is Applied from $20,000 to the Retiree's Actual Retirement Benefit - Teachers

L.D. 702—An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Recapitalize the School Revolving Renovation Fund - Funding

L.D. 680—Resolve, To Reestablish the Task Force To Study the Creation of a Comprehensive Career and Technical Education System

L.D. 607—An Act To Restore Overtime Protections for Maine Workers

L.D. 598—An Act To Prohibit Discrimination in Employment and School Based on Hair Texture or Hairstyle

L.D. 555—An Act To Expand the Rights of Public Sector Employees

L.D. 552—An Act To Strengthen the Individualized Education Program Process

L.D. 548—An Act Regarding Penalties for Early Retirement for Certain Members of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System

L.D. 452—An Act To Require Certain Schools To Provide Menstrual Products

L.D. 449—An Act To Strengthen the Ability of Public Employers and Unions To Negotiate - Negotiations

L.D. 298—An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Capital Improvements and Equipment for Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions To Prepare Students To Join Maine's Workforce - Funding

L.D. 293—An Act To Increase the State's Share of the Cost of Health Insurance for Retired Teachers - Teachers; Funding

L.D. 270—An Act To Amend the Regional Adjustment Index To Ensure School Districts Do Not Receive Less than the State Average for Teacher Salaries - Teachers; Funding

L.D. 225—An Act Regarding the Treatment of Vacation Time upon the Cessation of Employment

L.D. 177—An Act To Improve Labor Laws for Workers in Maine

L.D. 176—An Act To Facilitate a Grade 9 to 16 School Project - Curriculum

L.D. 144—An Act To Fund Capital Improvements to Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions To Bolster Maine's Future Workforce - Funding

L.D. 111—An Act To Allow Career Educators To Retire without Penalty - Administration; Teachers

L.D. 23—An Act To Reinstate and Increase the Income Tax Deduction for Contributions to Education Savings Plans