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Exclusively for MSSA and MSBA members, MSMA now provides access to current collective bargaining agreements for teachers, support staff and administrators, searchable by school unit, county, or keywords.

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Policy Services for Members

As dues-supported services, MSMA members receive:

  • Access to MSMA sample policies addressing a wide range of topics, including policies required by state and federal laws and regulations
  • Consultation on policy-related matters
  • Assistance in development and revision of individual school board policies
  • Review of individual administration or board draft policies for educational soundness, potential legal issues, and practical considerations
  • Policy Development News, which provides new and updated sample policies and alerts members to the policy implications of legislative action, changes in regulations, and significant court decisions
  • Special Policy Bulletins, issued as needed to assist superintendents and boards in meeting state mandates when timing is critical

In addition, MSMA members have access to the following fee-based services:

  • Onsite policy training opportunities – workshops on a variety of topics including
  • Developing and adopting effective policies
  • Keeping your policy manual current
  • Key policy areas, e.g., Student Code of Conduct, crisis response planning
  • Custom policy manual review and revision services:
  • Complete policy manual revisions
  • Policy manual audits
  • Extended policy manual consultation
  • Policy manual recoding

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