When formal approval of buildings and grounds use is granted to recognized organizations and groups, a facility use agreement is signed, and a certificate of insurance listing the school as an additional insured is required as appropriate to the particular use. Below are two options for those organizations to apply and purchase coverage.

  • MSMA’s partner Alliant Insurance’s Tenant/User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) – offers liability insurance that protects the school system and the user of the facilities. The recognized organization and/or group completes a TULIP application, and returns to MSMA for premium and binding.
  • RV Nuccio is a specialist in insuring special events including school support groups, PTO, Boosters nationwide. Protect your group’s members and volunteers. RV also provides coverage for concerts, parties, conferences, festivals and more.
  • Contact them at www.rvnuccio.com, or by calling Toll Free Number: 800-364-2433