MSMA Property & Casualty Trust’s laptop insurance program is provided by Worth Ave. Group offering an option for a zero deductible on electronic devices insured including – but not limited to – MacBook Air, iPad, iPad Mini, Acer Chromebook, Dell Latitude, HP Pro Book and non-MLTI devices.

This program provides coverage for student and teacher/staff MLTI or district-owned devices for laptops located on/off school premises.

Listed below are the 2018/2019 RATES and DEDUCTIBLE OPTIONS.

PLAN A: MacBook Air (Student Use)$849$52$100
PLAN B: MacBook Air (Student Use)$849$66$0
PLAN A: MacBook Air (Teacher Use)$949$46$100
PLAN B: MacBook Air (Teacher Use)$949$59$0
PLAN A: iPad$329$27$50
PLAN B: iPad$329$30$0
PLAN A: iPad Mini$399$31$50
PLAN B: iPad Mini$399$35$0
PLAN A: Non MLTI Device$600$41$50
PLAN B: Non MLTI Device$600$46$0
PLAN A: ACER Chromebook-No Plan A deductible option with ACER Chromebook
PLAN B: ACER Chromebook$228$23$0
PLAN A: Dell Latitude 3380$635$42$100
PLAN B: Dell Latitude 3380$635$52$0
PLAN A: HP Pro Book$799$51$100
PLAN B: HP Pro Book$799$64$0

Blake Barth, Worth Ave. Group’s Director of School Partnerships
To apply simply complete the application linked below and return to Worth Ave. Group, along with an Excel workbook listing the number of units and serial numbers via email or fax to:

Email: blake@worthavegroup.com

Fax: (405) 372-9584

For additional information Blake can be reached at (405) 269-4378.

What is covered?

*Accidental Damage – includes drops/cracked screens/liquid spills

*Fire/Flood Damage

*Liquid Submersion

*Natural Disasters



*Power Surge Due To Lightning

*Unlimited Claims per machine