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Waldo County charter school proposed – August 13, 2019

The Maine Charter School Commission has moved forward one applicant for the final available slot under the state’s 10-charter-school limit for a high school in Waldo County targeting rural students.

A hearing was held on August 7th for the Ecology Learning Center, which would be located in Montville. It is described as offering experiential, community-based learning. The catchment area of the school will be Waldo County, but under law charter schools are open to all Maine students.

Written comments on the proposed school will be received through 5 p.m., Friday, Aug. 23. They should be mailed to the Maine Charter School Commission at 182 State House Station, Augusta, ME, 04333 or emailed to

Click on the link below to read the school’s application and detailed proposal.

Ecology Learning Center

Under law that was passed earlier this year, the state is limited to approving only 10 charter schools, and 9 already are in operation. That cap was established in 2011, but was set to expire in 2021.

L.D. 307, PL. Ch. 307—An Act To Limit the Number of Charter Schools in Maine says no more than 10 public charter schools may operate at any time, regardless of whether they are approved by the Charter Commission or local school boards and collaboratives of local school boards.   The bill, sponsored by Rep. Michael Brennan, D-Portland, became law without the governor’s signature and will go into effect on Sept. 19.

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