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Urge legislators to come back and finish work – June 5, 2018

Maine School Management Association joined a coalition of more than 120 organizations in the state today calling on the Legislature to come back into session before July 1 to deal with critical bills, including approval of $1 billion in state aid for schools, pay for direct-care workers and bonds.

The coalition is diverse and includes the University System, Maine Organic Farmers, The Nature Conservancy, Associated General Contractors of Maine, Maine Rural Water Association, Tri-County Mental Health Services, and Friends of Casco Bay, to name just a few.

School boards and superintendents are asked to contact their legislators – once again – and ask them to return and approve L.D. 1869, which will release a promised $1 billion in state aid for schools.

A list of all House and Senate members and their contact information is available by clicking on this link: Your Legislator.

If the Legislature fails to return and pass the bill, the Department of Education has determined there is an administrative solution to get the money out. The concern is the precedent it would set to have the Legislature cede authority for authorizing school funding to the executive branch.

Funding for public education should be in the hands of legislators who represent the taxpayers, parents, teachers and students in their districts. GPA should not be an executive branch decision.

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