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Three schools eye one charter slot – July 15, 2016

Three potential charter school operators hoping to fill the one available slot in Maine under a 10-school cap mandated by law have submitted letters of intent to apply for authorization to open in 2017.

The three include:

  • Peridot Montessori, serving pre-K through grade 8, in the Ellsworth area, has applied once again for a charter. The school was denied this year, but encouraged to reapply with an improved application.
  • Wayfinder Schools, serving at-risk students in grades 9-12, with proposed campuses in Camden, New Gloucester and Machias. Wayfinder was established through the merger in 2011 of The Community School of Camden and Opportunity Farm in New Gloucester.
  • Bold Coast Academy, serving grades 9-12, in the Greater Portland area.

Letters of intent must now be followed by a full application, which is due on Aug. 25.

Under the state’s charter school law, which allows only 10 schools in the 10 years following the passage of the law, there is room for only one more school through 2021. There are 7 schools currently operating and two – Acadia Academy in Lewiston and Snow Pond Arts Academy in Sidney – expected to open this fall.

In other charter school news, Charter Commission member Laurie Pendleton was voted in as commission chair for the 2016-2017 year, and Dr. Michael Wilhelm, a retired superintendent, was voted in as vice chairman.

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