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Three charter school applications now under review

The Maine Charter School Commission has set tentative dates in October to get public testimony on three charters schools that would like to open next year – one in Lewiston, one in the Sanford area and one virtual school that, if approved, would be the second virtual charter school in Maine.
The commission will vote on Oct. 15 on whether to move all three applications forward to the public hearing phase.
The three applicants include:

  • Acadia Academy (name changed from All of ME Academy), proposed by the Margaret Murphy Center for Children, a special purpose school in Lewiston serving children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The application says the school would provide a comprehensive program in academics and social/emotional development, first serving pre-K through grade 1 and adding grades 2-6, in the Lewiston area.
  • Inspire ME Academy, offering curriculum based on the Common Core to students in grades, 4, 5 and 6 in the Sanford area.
  • Maine Virtual Academy, using educational services provided by the national K-12 corporation, serving grades 7-12 statewide. Maine Virtual Academy’s application has been denied once already.

Click on the following link to review the full applications:
Hearings have been tentatively scheduled for Monday, Oct. 27, in Lewiston, for Maine Virtual Academy and Acadia Academy; and Tuesday Oct. 28 in Wells for Inspire ME Academy. Time and places will be finalized once the vote is taken to move the applications forward.
Three other proposed schools had indicated in late June they were going to apply to the commission to open next fall, but pulled out of the process.
There are six charter schools currently operating in Maine, with a legislative cap of 10 through 2021.
The newest school, Maine Connections Academy, opened for business on Tuesday, pulling 281 students from 86 public school districts, including 70 home-schooled children.

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