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Support teachers and taxpayers – Vote No on L.D. 240 – March 7, 2019

On top of a union-backed bill to make education policy negotiable in areas that would dramatically increase the cost of education for local property taxpayers, there is now legislation that would allow teachers to strike.

The irony is this is happening in the same year the Maine School Superintendents Association put in a bill to raise starting salaries for the newest teachers in the state to $40,000 – a starting pay increase that is supported in the governor’s biennial budget.

While our starting teachers deserve a better starting pay, the union’s push to allow strikes and negotiate policy that under law is the responsibility of the publicly elected School Board could push our local taxpayers to the breaking point.  It also takes away local control around how our public schools are run.

School Board members and superintendents need to contact their local legislators and ask them to vote against the following bills. You can click on the number to go to the bill.

  • L.D. 240 that would make education policy negotiable in Maine, including involuntary transfers, teacher preparation time and a third, very broad and expensive category called teacher workload.
  • L.D. 900 and L.D. 1041 that would allow teachers and other public employees in Maine to strike.

Find your Senator. Find your House member.

The Senate and House links above will take you to a page that gives you both telephone numbers and email addresses for your local legislators.

You can first email your legislators and include the information above along with examples of what impact the negotiation of education policy and right to strike will have on your local district.  THE EMAIL SHOULD BE FOLLOWED UP WITH A PHONE CALL.  Let legislators know you would be happy to talk and explain your concerns about these proposals and can answer questions they may have.

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