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Support for Superintendents – May 22, 2017

TO:            School Board Members

FROM:       Maine School Boards Association

The Maine School Boards Association Board of Directors is sending out this letter (linked below) in support of superintendents and in opposition to funding cuts for Central Office services because strong leadership is essential when it comes to providing a quality, public education system that supports all students.

That system would be diminished under the governor’s proposed state budget that includes no funding for superintendents or other Central Office staff. Without strong administrative support, School Boards cannot adequately fulfill their important responsibilities. It is imperative we work together to ask the Legislature and the people they represent to oppose this plan.

We also are concerned that this is the first step toward another push for school consolidation, which threatens local control over public schools.

As an organization, we support voluntary cooperation among districts, while making sure local voters and taxpayers have a voice through their local School Board on decisions made in the best interest of students.

We are asking School Boards across the state to vote to support this letter at their next board meeting and share it with their local legislators. The cuts to Central Office are being deliberated now in Augusta and the voices of School Board members can make a difference in the outcome.

Support for Superintendents

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