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Senate vote on binding arbitration tonight – June 18, 2019

The Legislature is coming back in at 8 tonight to vote on L.D. 1177 that deals with binding arbitration around salaries, pensions and insurance – a bill that if it passes would ultimately raise property and state taxes.

L.D. 1177 would apply not just to public schools, but all public employers, including the state, cities and towns, and the University and Community College systems.

Please contact your legislators NOW and ask them, once again, to vote against this damaging and very expensive bill.

Find your Senator. Find your House member.

Here’s why L.D. 1177 is very harmful:

  • Outside arbitrators would be given the power to determine salaries and benefits when local negotiations fail.
  • These costs have been excluded from arbitration for more than 40 years to protect local voice through locally elected boards and representatives.
  • Since salaries and benefits make up the bulk of public employee budgets, this bill will lead to higher property and state taxes.

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