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School funding poised to pass today – June 21, 2018

A bill that will officially approve sending out $1 billion in state aid to schools is set to pass the House today after an emergency preamble was added that allows the funding to flow to districts in July.

L.D. 1869, An Act To Establish the Total Cost of Education and the State and Local Contributions to Education for Fiscal Year 2018-19, was approved by the Senate Wednesday night. School boards and superintendents were integral in alerting House and Senate members about the funding problem when the Legislature unexpectedly left town in April without finishing critical business.

Other bills that have moved in these final days of session include creation of a task force to plan the proposed transition of CDS to public schools and the funding of a $3.7-million CDS shortfall in this fiscal year. Also passed was a proposal to restore funding to School Based Health Centers using $600,000 in the Fund for Healthy Maine.


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