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Proposed Bills Take the Public Out of Public Education – March 21, 2019

The teachers’ union is pushing a three-pronged agenda against local control of public schools with legislation that would allow teachers to strike, give outside arbitrators the authority to dictate teacher salaries, pensions and insurance and take away the school board’s role in setting educational policy.

Students and property taxpayers will be the losers. Local voices will be silenced and the public will be taken out of decisions affecting public education.

All three bills are in the Labor Committee and two are up for a public hearing on Monday. Please contact members of the Labor Committee and ask them to vote against the following bills to protect property taxpayers and students. Click here to see members of the Labor Committee and their email addresses.

The two being heard Monday are:

  • L.D. 1177, An Act To Improve Public Sector Labor Relations, also known as the binding arbitration bill.
  • L.D. 1041, An Act Regarding Collective Bargaining for Public Employees under the Municipal Public Employees Labor Relations Laws, giving teachers the right to strike.

L.D. 240, An Act To Allow Public Employers of Teachers to Negotiate Regarding Educational Policies, was heard by the Labor Committee last month and currently is tabled.

Please tell the Labor Committee what impact it would have on the operation of your schools if these bills pass.

Here are some talking points:

  • Binding arbitration would essentially allow compensation and benefits to be determined by outside arbitrators. Since these costs represent the majority of any school budget, school boards and their constituents will have no real voice. Taxpayers will have to pay the bill with no input at the local level.
  • The right to strike is currently prohibited in 35 states, putting the education of students ahead of the adults in the building. Strikes are used to pressure school boards to increase employee salaries and benefits and to shut down schools to force boards to give in to union demands. These bills will deeply erode local control of education and budgets.

Please include local examples of how this would affect your work to do what’s best for students, while being mindful of the local taxpayer’s ability to pay.

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