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LePage says Beardsley will remain DOE leader

The Maine School Superintendents Association has received a reply to its letter regarding leadership in the Department of Education from Gov. LePage, who says he intends to keep Acting Deputy Commissioner William Beardsley in charge either as commissioner or deputy.

The superintendents asked the governor for clarity around the process in naming a commissioner. Dr. Beardsley had been acting commissioner and is now acting deputy, with no permanent commissioner in place.

“We urge you to exercise your leadership and outline the process and qualifications you envision for finally naming a permanent commissioner. The uncertainty around that position has diminished its stature and also created instability among DOE staff. It has been an ongoing problem since the end of 2014, and our concern is it will continue for the remaining two-and-half years of your second term,” said the letter signed by MSSA President Steven Bailey and Past President Susan Pratt.

In his response the governor said Acting Deputy Commissioner Beardsley will remain in charge.

“Allow me to be perfectly clear: I have asked Dr. William Beardsley to lead the Department of Education and it is my intention that he will lead the Department for the remainder of my term in office.”

He went on to say he hoped the 128th Legislature would confirm Dr. Beardsley when he is put up for nomination next year.

“If not he will continue to run the Department as deputy commissioner,” the governor said.

Click here to see a copy of both the MSSA letter and the governor’s response.


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