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Legislature overrides governor’s initial vetoes on state budget

The Senate and House have both voted to override the governor’s line-item vetoes in the state budget, including one that would have reduced General Purpose Aid increases over the next two years.

The House voted last night and the Senate early this afternoon.

The votes literally had to be done line-by-line for the 64 items Gov. Paul LePage vetoed. The next test for the budget will be when the governor vetoes the entire document, which he has promised to do later this month.

Based on the votes in support of the budget earlier this week – 105-to-42 in the House and 31-to-4 in the Senate, it is anticipated that the governor’s veto will be overridden. Once that happens, superintendents will be issued new 279s showing them how the budgeted increases in General Purpose Aid will impact individual districts.

The budget approved by the full Legislature increases GPA by $25 million over what was included in the initial 279s sent out in February. Those initial spreadsheets were based on the governor’s proposed budget before it was amended.

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