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King named MSMA Deputy Director – November 1, 2017

AOS 98 Superintendent Eileen King of Boothbay has been named Deputy Executive Director of the Maine School Management Association bringing her passion for students, public education and strong school leaders to a statewide audience.

King, who in her new role also will serve as executive director of the Maine School Superintendents Association, will move into her new position on Jan. 2, 2018.

“Eileen King brings tremendous energy, advocacy skills and knowledge to the organization,” said MSMA Executive Director Steve Bailey. “She has always been there for incoming administrators on the Mid-Coast and now can share her knowledge with superintendents and school boards across the state.”

A former president of MSSA, prior chair of its Professional Development Committee, and current member of the Executive Committee, King has helped mentor new superintendents; testified at the Legislature on behalf of public schools; and, unabashedly admits she is an educator “who truly loves being a Superintendent of Schools.”

As the superintendent of AOS 98, she not only worked with more than 82 school board members, but was actively engaged with town officials in her communities to make sure there was strong support for public education in the district.

King also is a proponent of civic and community involvement by school leaders, having served on the boards of the regional Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, Lincoln County Healthcare, and Boothbay Region Education Foundation.

She started her career in public education as a Spanish teacher and is an advocate of teaching foreign language in public schools. She served as principal in Skowhegan and at Boothbay Region Elementary School before being named superintendent in AOS 98.

King was honored as a National Distinguished Principal in 2000 and Superintendent of Year in 2009.

“Maine Superintendents and public education are facing significant challenges as political, financial and legislative influences affect how we serve children. I look forward to working with my fellow superintendents and school board members from across Maine to make sure whatever action we take at the state level is in the best interest of all our students,” King said.

King holds a master’s degree in education and has done advanced graduate work in Education Leadership at the University of Maine in Orono.

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