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GPA spreadsheet released

State releases spreadsheet showing GPA distribution

The Department of Education has released a spreadsheet showing how General Purpose Aid is being distributed across the state in the 2014-2015 school year. The spreadsheet can be seen by clicking on 2014-2015 GPA

The spreadsheet is based on adjusted calculations that went out to individual districts in April in the form of new ED 279s. State aid is staying essentially the same for 2014-2015 as compared to this school year.

The new calculations corrected errors in data initially reported to the DOE, and as a result the overall cost of education statewide went up. The new minimum local mill rate each district must raise for public education is now 8.1 compared to 8.07.

Key drivers in distribution continue to be enrollment and property valuations, although variations in other areas like special education spending can have a significant impact

A law change now requires property values used in the distribution of GPA to be based on a rolling average. The valuations used for this coming school year were based on values from 2012 and 2013. Next year and going forward, three years of valuations will be used in an effort to even out spikes.

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