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Facts on Superintendent Numbers and System Administration – February 10, 2017

The governor’s proposed biennial budget would eliminate state support for system administration, which includes superintendents, the business office, all central office staff and functions and support for School Boards.

Here are the facts:

Number of Superintendents

  • 92 full-time, 34 part-time and 5 combination superintendent/principals in 2016-2017; overseeing 251 school administrative units
  • Compares to 118 full-time, 29 part-time and 7 combination superintendent/principal positions  in 2006-2007; overseeing 290 administrative units
  • In 10 years we’ve reduced number of full-time positions by 26; part-time increased by 5; and, superintendent/principals decreased by 2.
  • Net total positions: 131 today versus 154 in 2006-2007.

Superintendent Salaries

  • $12.4 million 2016-2017
  • That’s half of one percent of the $2.2 billion spent on pre-K through 12

Maine Spending Facts

  • Maine System Administration 2.9 percent of total spent on K-12. (State numbers 2014-2015)
  • Maine System Administration down 4 percent in the last 10 years; the only cost center to see a decrease. (State numbers 2014-2015)
  • Maine per student overall spending number 14 in nation, ranked highest to lowest. (U.S. Census)


Central Office Functions/Staff would be eliminated by repealing System Administration, §15680 sub §1, A in biennial budget proposal, Sec. C-22 in language.


System Administration Provides

  • District leadership – Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Business Managers
  • Office support staff
  • Support of School Board responsibilities
  • Communication with parents and community
  • Business Office functions
  • Employee contract negotiations
  • Compliance with state and federal law
  • Creation and administration of annual budget
  • Payment of all legal costs outside of Special Education
  • Required annual audits
  • All purchasing for schools
  • Hiring, recruitment and evaluation of staff
  • Human Resource functions from payroll to enrollment in MePERS to certification checks
  • Compliance training on myriad regulations
  • Technology in support of administrative services and required data reporting

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