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Education Committee votes to get rid of Smarter Balanced

The Education Committee today unanimously voted to get rid of the Smarter Balanced Assessment for next year and direct the Department of Education to start work on finding a new test.

The vote followed a public hearing last week where many stood to say the Smarter Balanced test was too long and those that simply opposed the Common Core standards, on which the test is built. There also was concern about the number of parents who on behalf of their children opted out of the test.

The bill, which will now go to the full Legislature for a vote, requires that educational stakeholders, including school administrators and teachers, be part of the process that selects a new test. Some testing companies being considered include the Northwest Evaluation Association evaluation or NWEA and the SAT, whose tests already are used in schools. There also was some support for talking to the company that produces the ACT.

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