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Contact legislators on L.D. 1689 – March 27, 2018

The Senate today passed an amendment to L.D. 1689, An Act To Repeal Certain Provisions Regarding the System Administration Allocation Affecting Maine School Districts in the 2018-2019 Biennial Budget, that would restore administrative funding to districts that are highly efficient on their own or by working with others.

The amendment would take away a penalty in 2019-2020 being levied on school districts who haven’t formally joined the regional service centers being promoted by the DOE. The penalty is not fair to those that have been working efficiently and cooperatively for years.

The amendment will be voted on in the House as early as Thursday.  School Boards and superintendents need to contact their local representatives now and ask them to vote yes on the amended version of L.D. 1689.

To find your House member click here:

Legislators should support this bill because it would restore funding for system administration and central office functions that was cut in the biennial budget without notice.

The amendment has bipartisan support. It was sponsored by Sen. Joyce Maker, R-Washington County, and supported by Sen. Rebecca Millett, D-Cumberland, who sponsored a similar proposal.

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