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Compromise budget includes $25 million more per year for schools

The compromise reached among House and Senate leaders on the state biennial budget includes $25 million per year in additional GPA going out to schools – a proposal already endorsed by a majority of the Appropriations Committee and one likely to pass the House and Senate today.

The additional funding will come from two sources. The lion’s share – $19.5 million per year – is additional state funding. The rest will come by redirecting $5.5 million in funding initially earmarked for so-called miscellaneous costs in the education budget.  Those miscellaneous costs do not go out directly to districts for the operation of schools.

The additional aid will lower the minimum required local mill rate for education to 8.23. The original budget proposed by the administration created an unprecedented mill rate of 8.48.

The proposed budget, with the additional GPA for schools, is working its way through the House and Senate today.  MSMA will keep members posted on its progress.

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