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Committee votes an additional $25 million in GPA per year

A majority on the Appropriations Committee voted Monday night to increase General Purpose Aid going out to school districts by $25 million in both years of the state’s biennial budget, adding onto what already had been proposed by the administration.

The vote was 9-4, with the House Republicans on the committee voting against the proposal, at least for now.

The additional funding will come from two sources. The lion’s share will come from the state’s general fund, supplemented by some redirection of money earmarked in the original budget in so-called miscellaneous costs.  The governor’s original budget sent around $9 million more out to schools in each year of the biennium and earmarked an additional $11 million for miscellaneous costs.

The committee plans to meet again today to finalize some language in the budget that affects K-12 schools.

Once the budget is finalized it will be sent to the full Legislature for a vote.

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