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Committee unanimously backs graduation standards bill

The Education Committee Wednesday unanimously supported a graduation standards bill that would require graduates of the class of 2021 to be proficient in the core four – math, English, science and social studies – and require proficiency in all eight content areas by 2025.

The bill specifically requires that after the core four, students add on a content area of their choosing each year until reaching all eight in 2025. Those additional Learning Results standards include Visual and Performing Arts, Foreign Language, Health and Physical Education and Career and Education Development.

The timeline is:

2021 – core 4
2022 – core 4 plus 1
2023 – core 4 plus 2
2024 – core 4 plus 3
2025 – all 8

Committee members supported the choice aspect of the bill because it would allow students to set priorities based on their interests.

The bill also outlines requirements for Career and Technical Education students to show proficiency and recognizes career accreditation and dual enrollment programs. Language also is included that supports multiple pathways to graduation for students with disabilities.

During the transition to all standards being required by 2025, the law underscores current law that says all schools must have the capacity through multiple pathways for all students to study and achieve proficiency in all eight content areas.

Under the bill, the extensions on meeting current graduation requirements are still in place.

School districts also have the local option to require proficiency in all or some of the graduation standards prior to the deadlines outlined in the bill.

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