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Charter School Vote Nov. 17

The Maine Charter School Commission will vote on Nov. 17 on whether to approve two applications for charter schools hoping to open next fall.

The two applications are:

  • Acadia Academy, affiliated with the Margaret Murphy Center for Children. Serving pre-K through grade 6 in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Margaret Murphy, which serves children with developmental disabilities, would be the service provider.
  • Snow Pond Arts Academy, affiliated with the New England Music Camp in Sidney; serving grades 9-12, in a blended learning environment. The school will be purchasing virtual classes in core academic areas from K-12 Inc., which opened a full-time virtual school in Maine in September.

The commission voted on Oct. 13 to move the two applicants to the public hearing phase. Those hearings were held Oct. 26.

The state currently has seven operating charter schools and under law the commission can approve three more before hitting its limit of 10. That cap was established under state law and is in place until 2021.

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