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Searchable Contract Database

Exclusively for MSSA and MSBA members, MSMA now provides access to current collective bargaining agreements for teachers, support staff and administrators, searchable by school unit, county, or keywords.

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Searchable Contract Database

MSMA now provides MSSA members with access to current collective bargaining agreements in the MEA’s vast collection through MSMA’s fully searchable contract database.  Whether you are preparing for negotiations with teachers, administrators or support staff or just want to explore practices in your area or around the state, you can search for data by school unit, county, key words and other features.  As a benefit to MSSA members, access to the contract database is protected by a password that you select.


Sample Teacher Contracts

Sample Contract memo 2019

SMP-Probationary Teacher #1

SMP-Teacher Continuing Contract #2

SMP-Long Term Substitute #3

SMP-Notification of Annual Salary #4

SMP-Extra Curricular Co-Curricular Appt #5


Employing Professional Staff After August 1 Memo

Employing Professional Staff after August 1 – 2019


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