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First Report – how to File a Property, General Liability, Auto, Boiler, and School Board Legal Liability Claim Using First Report

While MSMA Property & Casualty Trust is always available to assist with the filing of a claim, below are instructions for filing a property, general liability, auto, and boiler claim or “FIRST REPORT” ; or a school board legal liability claim “SBLL First Report” via emailing OR calling York Risk Services Group, Inc., the Trust’s Third Party Administrator. Once a claim is filed, York will acknowledge receipt of the claim to both the Trust and the member, providing the claim number, adjuster, and his/her contact information.  This information is important to keep at your finger tips as you can contact the adjuster at any time to discuss the claim.

Email Instructions

  • Complete the First Report (property, general liability, auto, or boiler)
  • Complete the School Board Legal Liability First Report
  • Email the report to York at
  • A copy of filing should be sent to MSMA at
  • The subject line must state:  Client Code:  5126 MSMA Member “your school system” (i.e. RSU, MSAD, Voc. Reg., Union, or School Name)

At a minimum your email should provide the following:

Client Code: 5126

Name of Insurance Contact
School System
City, State, and Zip
Email address of Insurance Contact

Call-in Instructions

A member can also call in a claim at 866-391-YORK (9675).  REMEMBER to advise that you are a member of MSMA Property & Casualty Trust and our client code number is 5126.


School Board Legal Liability FIRST REPORT