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Ancillary Programs

MLTI Laptop Insurance Program

Maine School Management Association’s Property & Casualty Trust in conjunction with Worth Ave. Group provides worldwide electronic device coverage meaning your device will be covered on and off school grounds.

Devices such as those listed below are all vulnerable to cracked screens, liquid damage, theft and more. Is your school-issued device protected?

Worth Ave. Group is the industry leader in protecting electronic devices for K12 schools.  Let us provide you with peace of mind coverage, so you can focus on what’s most important, the student’s education. Premiums below are effective October 1, 2017, through September 30, 2018.

PLAN A: MacBook Air (Student Use) $849 $51 $56 $100
PLAN B: MacBook Air (Student Use) $849 $64 $69 $  0
PLAN A: MacBook Air (Teacher Use) $949 $47 $52 $100
PLAN B: MacBook Air (Teacher Use) $949 $59 $64 $  0
PLAN A: iPad $329 $27 $32 $50
PLAN B: iPad $329 $30 $35 $  0
PLAN A: iPad Mini $399 $32 $37 $50
PLAN B: iPad Mini $399 $35 $40 $  0
PLAN A: Non MLTI Device $600 $41 $46 $50
PLAN B: Non MLTI Device $600 $46 $51 $  0
PLAN A: ACER Chromebook NO PLAN A – deductible option with ACER Chromebook
PLAN B: ACER Chromebook $228 $23 $28 $  0
PLAN A: Dell Latitude 3380 $635 $42 $47 $100
PLAN B: Dell Latitude 3380 $635 $52 $57 $  0
PLAN A: HP Pro Book $799 $51 $56 $100
PLAN B: HP Pro Book $799 $64 $69 $  0


What is covered?

*Accidental Damage – includes drops/cracked screens/liquid spills

*Fire/Flood Damage

*Liquid Submersion

*Natural Disasters



*Power Surge Due To Lightning

*Unlimited Claims per machine

Student/Athlete Insurance

AIG’s offers a Student/Athlete Insurance plan as an option to insuring all students. Parents can apply for a quote online and learn more about the Voluntary Program by clicking the link, once the school has completed and submitted its application.  Click here for the Enrollment Instructions.

Heather Kingsmore, AIG Customer Services Representative can be contacted at 800-375-6826 x 187 for further assistance.

Special Events Coverage

When formal approval of buildings and grounds use is granted to recognized organizations and groups, a facility use agreement is signed, and a certificate of insurance listing the school as an additional insured is required as appropriate to the particular use. Below are two options for those organizations to apply and purchase coverage.

  •  MSMA’s partner Alliant Insurance’s Tenant/User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) – offers liability insurance that protects the school system and the user of the facilities. The recognized organization and/or group completes a TULIP application, and returns to MSMA for premium and binding.
  •  RV Nuccio is a specialist in insuring special events including school support groups, PTO, Boosters nationwide. Protect your group’s members and volunteers. RV also provides coverage for concerts, parties, conferences, festivals and more.
  • Contact them at, or by calling Toll Free Number: 800-364-2433