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Maine School Management Association should be the first place school board members and superintendents call with a question because MSMA staff has either done the research or can quickly get its hands on the information needed.
MSMA staff includes former superintendents and school board members, people with private-sector financial and media expertise.

Our expertise covers: 
- School finance
- School policies
- Collective bargaining
- Personnel issues
- Legislation affecting education
- Effective communication
- Rules of governance
- Comprehensive insurance coverage

During the legislative season, MSMA staff do research and provide testimony before the Legislature on bills that affect education, based on the recommendation of the legislative committees of the Maine School Boards Association and Maine School Superintendents Association.  Nearly 400 bills are filed each year that require the organizationís review.
The Maine School Management Association was created in 1971 to represent the Maine School Boards Association and the Maine School Superintendents Association.




The Maine School Management Association, located in Augusta, is a statewide, non-profit federation of local school boards and superintendents consisting of the Maine School Boards Association and the Maine School Superintendents Association. MSMA serves as an advocate for the interests of the stateís public school students and school units and provides programs and services that support the needs of the membership.

The policies and direction of the Maine School Management Association are established by the MSMA Action and Policy Committees. The MSBA and MSSA representatives on these committees make decisions vital to the interests of all local school boards and superintendents served by the MSMA staff.

Action Committee (MSMA)

Policy Committee (MSBA)

Roger Shaw, Chair
Patricia Hopkins
Eileen King
Betsy Webb
Bill Webster

MSAD 42 (Mars Hill)
RSU 11 (Gardiner)
AOS 98 (Bar Harbor)
Bangor School Dept.
Lewiston School Dept.

Kelly Bickmore, Chair
Susan Campbell
Becky Fles
Kristin Malin
Marlene Tallent

RSU 22 (Newburgh)
Augusta School Dept.
RSU 11 (Gardiner)
Georgetown School Dept.
Surry School Dept.


Services Provided by Maine School Management Association


MSMA provides various consultation services for its membership. MSMA staff provides technical assistance in the areas of labor relations, policy development, school law, superintendent searches and general school administration.

Conferences and Workshops
MSMA holds an annual Fall Conference which allows members to attend various clinics as well as to exchange ideas with peers from throughout the state. Several one-day seminars and workshops are held each year focusing on specific topics. MSMA will also provide individualized workshops of a specific nature for school boards. For information on workshops and conferences please contact Elaine Tomaszewski.

Legislative Action
MSMA staff represent the interest of local school boards and superintendents in the legislature. We participate in the lawmaking process through the monitoring of bills, providing testimony at hearings and as a source of information for legislators, legislative committees, the Department of Education and other agencies. Click here for MSMA's legislative page.

Labor Relations
MSMA maintains extensive resource materials and provides technical assistance to meet local school board labor relations needs. MSMA resources include rulings by the Maine Labor Relations Board, collective bargaining agreements, sample bargaining language and salary data. 


Family Medical Leave and Fair Labor Standards Guidance
Management of leave and payment for overtime are common employment-related problems for school units in Maine. MSMA provides experienced-based answers to frequently asked Family Medical Leave (FMLA) and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) questions. For assistance, please contact Charlotte Bates.

Policy Services/Resource Center
MSMAís Policy Services provides school board members and superintendents consultation and guidance regarding policy issues. We offer assistance in developing and revising policies, access to sample policies, updating of individual board policy manuals and policy-related workshops. The Resource Center maintains job descriptions, forms, and reference materials relevant to school board governance and school administration. The Resource Center also researches and provides board members and superintendents with links to education-related Internet resources. Click on Policy Services or
contact Charlotte Bates, Director of Policy and Resource Services, for more information. 



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